Revolutionising Helmet Decals: Introducing Ultracurve® H1


In the world of sports, every detail matters, from the athlete's performance to their equipment and appearance. When it comes to sport helmet decals, nothing quite compares to Ultracurve® H1. This industry-leading print media has been developed in collaboration with the world's top athletes, offering an unrivaled combination of aggressive adhesion, remarkable shrinkage resistance, and effortless long-term removability from almost any surface. Join us as we dive into the remarkable features and benefits of Ultracurve® H1, a game-changer in the realm of sport helmet decals.

Aggressive Adhesion:

Ultracurve® H1 stands out from the competition with its exceptional adhesive properties. Developed through extensive research and athlete feedback, this cutting-edge print media ensures a secure bond between the decal and the helmet's surface. No matter how intense the game gets, athletes can rely on Ultracurve® H1 to withstand rigorous activities, maintaining its position and vibrant appearance.

Excellent Shrinkage Resistance:

One of the key challenges with traditional sport helmet decals is shrinkage, which often leads to an unsightly, wrinkled appearance. Ultracurve® H1 revolutionizes this aspect by offering outstanding shrinkage resistance. This means that even under extreme temperature variations or exposure to harsh conditions, the decals retain their smooth, seamless finish. Athletes can now showcase their style and sponsors' logos with confidence, knowing that Ultracurve® H1 will keep their helmet looking flawless.

Clean Long-Term Removability:

Change is inevitable, and so are updates to helmet designs and sponsorships. Ultracurve® H1 understands the need for flexibility and provides a clean, long-term removability feature. When it's time for a fresh look or a sponsorship change, athletes can remove the decals without leaving behind any residue or damaging the helmet's surface. This convenience allows for effortless customization and rebranding while preserving the integrity of the equipment.

Versatility Across Surfaces:

Ultracurve® H1 isn't limited to sport helmets alone. Its remarkable characteristics make it suitable for application on various surfaces. Whether it's motorcycles, snowboards, or any other gear requiring decals, Ultracurve® H1 ensures a reliable and visually appealing finish. The versatility of this exceptional print media makes it a go-to choice for athletes and equipment manufacturers across different sports.


Ultracurve® H1 has set a new standard for sport helmet decals. With its aggressive adhesion, excellent shrinkage resistance, and clean long-term removability, athletes can express their style, showcase sponsors, and keep their equipment looking sharp. Developed hand-in-hand with the world's leading athletes, this industry-leading print media has redefined what it means to have quality and durability in sport helmet decals. Join the revolution and experience the game-changing advantages of Ultracurve® H1 for yourself. Your helmet, your style, your Ultracurve® H1.

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